Who is Bonzibuddy

If you are new to CASSA you might ask yourself, who is this BonziBUDDY chap they keep talking about.  Do not worry my friend we will get you up to speed.  BonziBUDDY is a discontinued personal assistant for Windows XP.  Think Siri or Cortana but a big purple monkey in 1999.  BonziBUDDY or as the cool kids all him the Bonz was way ahead of his time.   Unfortunately Bonzi was unfairly marked as spyware and adware!


Not only that  Bonzi Software the makers of BonziBUDDY where sued into oblivion because  of their deceptive advertising techniques and for violating an American law called COPPA.    We look back and feel this was a huge mistake, had bonziBUDDY been made a few years later or not been a purple monkey he would have revolutionized the industry and become the first data collecting personal assistant on the iPhone.


However years later bonzziBUDY made a glorious come back as the official sponsor of WAHCKon[‘3″} and was immortalized in a medallion and t-shirt, and sticker give to those who attended the event.

For those of you who wish the experience the wonder and excitement that is bonziBUDDY  please visit the internet archive.  For those not familiar with the internet archive it is a websites who’s soul purpose is the preservation on Bonzi so future generations can understand his greatness.

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