All the best for the rest of semester one!

As semester one draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge that it has been a challenging several months for many of ECU’s students. COVID-19 has put us on the back-foot in terms… Read More

CASSA 2020 AGM Results

On the 3rd of May we held our Annual General Meeting to vote in our new executive team. We are very pleased to be announcing our new executives who will be taking over at the end of the… Read More


CASSA’s AGM for 2020 will take place online (due to COVID-19) in the ECS Discord voice chat at 5pm, 3rd May. The executive positions which are open to be voted on are: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Events… Read More

The New Student Social 2020

Thanks to everyone who came down to CASSA’s 2020 New Student Social on the 6th March. The event was a success with a large attendance, plenty of food, drinks and fun! Check out some of the photos below:

CASSA Helpdesk Renovation

The CASSA Helpdesk has long been known as the heart and soul of ECU Joondalup’s Building 18. A place of high intellectual conversation, where students can come to receive help or guidance, inquire about lost property, play some… Read More

New Student Social 2020

Our new student social is aimed at introducing new students to CASSA and members of faculty in a relaxed environment. We will also be hosting members from industry such that students are provided with the oppurtunity of networking…. Read More

Discord Update

In the past month, the CASSA Discord server has been closed down in favor of a partnership with the ECU Computing Students Discord server. CASSA now has several channels on this Discord for use in keeping students informed… Read More

Study Fridays