The Great Secretary Backlog of 2015 – Agendas and Minutes from General Meetings

Here’s a bunch of PDFs of Agendas and Minutes of all of CASSA’s general meeting, from the 22nd of May 2015 to the 4th of September 2015.

GM Agenda, 22/5/2015
GM Minutes, 22/5/2015

GM Agenda, 5/6/2015
GM Minutes, 5/6/2015

GM Agenda, 7/8/2015
GM Minutes, 7/8/2015

GM Agenda, 21/8/2015
GM Minutes, 21/8/2015

GM Agenda, 4/9/2015
GM Minutes, 4/9/2015

I’m terribly sorry that I allowed the backlog to get this large in the first place. Hopefully now you should have access to PDFs of all of CASSA’s agendas and minutes from the start of this year to early September, through this and my previous post.

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