Student Resources Guide

Note: CASSA has no relationship commercial or otherwise with any of these services. Nor do we have any oversight, input or control over accessibility or content selection available. This post is merely to inform students that these services are available.


Students within the School of Science at ECU have access to a range of free Software to assist with their studies.
This includes a large suite of Microsoft products including server applications.

Microsoft Azure Education (Access Link)
Students recieve $100 credit for use of Azure cloud services, and are also able to download Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Windows Server and Visual Studio Enterprise.

OnTheHub (Access Link)
OnTheHub features a range of software from vendors such as Autodesk, Adobe, IBM and more.
ECU Students are also eligible for a Windows 10 Education Edition available here.

VMAP (Access Link)
VMWare products are available free of charge to students. If you’re undertaking a computing course the use of virtual machines is essential.

Office365 Education (Access Link)
Office 365 is a cloud-based Microsoft service that includes a number of products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Outlook.
Your Office 365 account is connected to you ECU student email account and gives you access to a raft of tools that enable you to share and collaborate quicker and easier than ever before.
To get started, follow the access link and sign up with your student e-mail.

Linux Software (Access Link)
For Linux and more advanced users there is a very fast mirror available via AARNet.
Ubuntu users are already using this mirror by default (if you set location to Australia). So there’s no excuse for not patching your Linux machines while on campus.

JetBrains Developer Tools (Access Link)
Students can claim free educational licenses to JetBrains IDE tools. You will be required to provide a photo of your student card during the registration process, or if you have previously claimed the GitHub student developer pack below, you may authorize yourself using your Github account.

Github Student Developer Pack (Access Link)
Github offers a package of free software and services from it’s partners. This includes cloud hosting, online courses, and much more.

Cloud Storage

ECU Students have access to a few cloud storage services.

AARNet Cloudstor (Access Link)
If you’re an enrolled ECU student you can get 1TB of free storage on the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet), this is a high speed fiber optic network jointly owned by 38 Australian Universities and CSIRO. As a result of the university peering arrangements, traffic flowing between the ECU campus and AARNet is extremely fast, making it the perfect place to store your data both on-campus and from home.
After clicking the access link, you’ll be presented with a list of participating universities, so just scroll down till you find “Edith Cowan University” and click the link. This will bring you to the federated login page.

OneDrive (Access Link)
As an ECU student, you have access to 1 Terabyte (TB) of cloud storage through OneDrive, as part of Microsoft Office365.
You can access OneDrive through your student email or by downloading the OneDrive app from your App Store.

Movie/TV Streaming

Did you know that as an ECU student you can steam some movies and TV shows for free?

Kanopy (Access Link)
Kanopy provides access on-demand to over 600 streaming videos in a range of subject areas including feature films, documentaries and training videos. Videos can also be played on all iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices. Kanopy’s clip-making and playlist tool allows users to create clips of relevant sections of videos and playlists to share. Kanopy can be used for educational programming via a customised streaming website with titles streamed directly to any computer, iPad or other media device.

Informit EduTV (Access Link)
Informit EduTV is an online TV streaming resource for Australian tertiary institutions. Informit EduTV makes it easy for lecturers and students to find and instantly watch relevant television content. 10,000 programs including documentaries, drama and series complemented with study guides and articles are accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. Informit EduTV is an invaluable contemporary resource for teaching and learning. Archive of programs from 2006 with up to 80 new programs added weekly.

Informit TVNews (Access Link)
TVNews is an index of television news and current affairs stories from the Australian free-to-air networks providing access to video content to ABC, ABC2, SBS, TEN, 9 and 7. Programs covered include 7.30, ABC News, Australian Story, Behind the News, Catalyst, Compass, Dateline, Four Corners, Inside Business, Insight, Media Watch, Message Stick and World News Australia. The database is updated daily and has 362903 records from September 2007 – present.

The Library’s guide to Streaming Video & Audio Collections may be useful for further details on how to use these services. If you require further help with video and TV streaming services, please contact the ECU Library.