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Start of Year Meeting Minutes 11/2/2015 – Pre-Planning 2015

Hello All,

These are the minutes for CASSA’s Start of year meeting on the 11/2/2015.

If you wish to view a PDF version of these minutes, please click here.

Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Attend ECU Induction ML, JO
  • Email HoS: set up meeting round week 3
  • Copy Karen’s posts, onto main FB page & DropBox
  • Bill SESS for Game Jam
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Attend ECU Induction, ML, JO
  • Fix PPT, new QR code for site
  • Add list of exec for 2015
  • Attend ECU Induction, ML
  • Bill SESS for Game Jam – create invoice
  • Continue work on switch from dropbox.
  • Attend ECU induction ML
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Post opportunities/traineeships to Facebook group page.
  • Check latest class end times for Mount Lawley.
  • First year units on Wednesdays JO: give Ash times
  • Award for contribution: CV certificates
  • Dig up invoice for previous Game Jam
  • Contact speakers on matters of physical and cyber security. If able, give contact details to Evan


Topics of Discussion:

Official Handover of Executive roles

– Need Alexandra H. to sign key over to Ashley at CSO
– Take Alex H. off bank, add David

Actions to be taken before semester start:

– Orientation: Need to affiliate with Guild to have subsidised table. $300 otherwise.- Facebook: Group is the active page, Greg will post opportunities/traineeships.
– Keyholders: Facebook chat, email, Redmine? To ensure schedule.
– Clubroom clean-up: Will and Evan cleaned and reorganised the room. Keyholders are to uphold this standard.
– Redmine: New organisation site. Keyholders need to sign up.
– Have a keyholder sign up day. Create a physical sign up sheet to make them accountable.

Actions to be taken during semester:

– Regular meetings: every second week. Joondalup presence: one JO GM to two ML GMs.
– Gather first year JO committee.
– Organise early HoS meeting, third week or so.
– CODER DOJO: check Andrew, subsidise WWC permits? CDJ was discussed.

- Events
– two sausage sizzles one Ml, one JO.
– Wednesdays: Ash goes to JO to meet first years.
– Linux classes at JO
– Discuss MegaLAN 2015.1 in first GM; posters, book rooms, network layout, power booking. Check date for conflicting events NOT 11th 12th  APRIL,  RFLAN. Middle of semester preferably. Tournaments; Strawpoll for interest in games.
– Console fighters are holding a LAN 29th March.
– Security based LAN: free for all. Sam need to discus in next GM. Feasibility?
– Weekly JO events, scaled down meetup events Local multiplayers. Ideally wed. B JO 19
– Invite external executives (i.e. Robotics & Programming society) to dinnerquest.

- Clubroom Maintanance
– Move stuff from office into clubroom. Keyholders upkeep clubroom maintainance. No FAL run right now.
– Clubroom Cashbox: keep under $100. Transfer from clubroom to office each night. Every 2 weeks drop
– dedicated drivers for drink runs: Brandon volunteer
– Drink delivery: get Coles/Woolies for drinks
– Snack prices rose. Less quantity for more money. Mus discuss raising snacks to 1.80 to ensure we break even.
– Website up and running. Memberships are ready. SSL cert will expired.

New ideas to be discussed:

– Tutoring portal: call to arms. Sponsor and advertise tutors.
– Asset Audit: continue audit get label maker
– Own CASSA account for network, LAN players need to log in.

- Security Involvment:
– 80c noodles sell for 1.5
– David Brooks
– Locksport competitions
– Security LANs held over midsemester
– CASSA exec could join ASIS
– Bring memebers down to first year lectures at JO to introduce themselves

- Student Guild affiliation CASSA
-‘ECU students first’, means, maybe a discount for students.
– Andrew Woodward approves of affiliation. In terms of relative priority, CDJ is 80, ECU is 100.
– Guild logo needs to be readable on promotional materials, will only really be required when guild pays for event.
– ECU guild counts guild and cassa members for grants.
– Money raised by utilising guild capital can be used for CASSA’s design
– Guild membership is default now. Need to opt out.
– New guild logo.
– Our constitution is compatible with the Guild’s.
– Guild affiliation documents signed 11-2-15 by  Ashley Woodiss-Field, David Maxwell, Mathew Aristei and Alexandra Green

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