Learn to use Linux Workshop

Proficiency with the Linux operating system is essential for any computer science student.

Therefore CASSA will be running weekly workshops on the Joondalup campus every friday 11:30am to 12:30pm in room 18.204. Bookings aren’t necissary just arrive at the workshop and we’ll get you started.




Megalan 2015.2

Ticket sales now available!



ECU SCSS Teams for the Cyber Challenge Australia 2015

ECU SCSS Teams for the Cyber Challenge Australia 2015

Two teams from the Edith Cowan University School of Computer and Security Science entered the Cyber Challenge Australia (CySCA) ethical hacking competition this year. Our teams placed 9th and 10th nationally, and one of our teams won prizes for coming first in completion of the forensics category.

This could not have been possible without the help of a few awesome organisations:

The Edith Cowan University Security Research Institute

The Edith Cowan University Security Research Institute allowed us to use their state-of-the-art Cyber Security Laboratories throughout training and for the final competition, and also provided us with training given by their staff.

The School of Computer and Security Science

The School of Computer and Security Science provided us with snacks and drinks throughout the final competition and also provided us with training given by their staff.


Our friends at Pickpals shouted us dinner for the competition evening!

The ECU Student Guild and CASSA

These folks helped pay for food to keep us sustained in the weeks leading up to the competition.

We deeply thank you for all your support!!

Are you an organisation who wishes to sponsor our team for 2016? Are you an ECU student interested in participating in CySCA 2016? Send us an email!

ECU SCSS Teams for the Cyber Challenge Australia 2015


The Great Secretary Backlog of 2015 – Agendas and Minutes from General Meetings

Here’s a bunch of PDFs of Agendas and Minutes of all of CASSA’s general meeting, from the 22nd of May 2015 to the 4th of September 2015.

GM Agenda, 22/5/2015
GM Minutes, 22/5/2015

GM Agenda, 5/6/2015
GM Minutes, 5/6/2015

GM Agenda, 7/8/2015
GM Minutes, 7/8/2015

GM Agenda, 21/8/2015
GM Minutes, 21/8/2015

GM Agenda, 4/9/2015
GM Minutes, 4/9/2015

I’m terribly sorry that I allowed the backlog to get this large in the first place. Hopefully now you should have access to PDFs of all of CASSA’s agendas and minutes from the start of this year to early September, through this and my previous post.


Linux help and resources

Hey everyone Will here,

Thanks to everyone who came to the Linux install party, it was great fun.  To help you on your Linux journey here are some helpful links.
For any help join #linux on our IRC or slack 
Ubuntu Forms - offical source of Linux help
Linux Action Show - a great podcast for Linux news and updates
Intro to Linux from the Linux foundation - the official linux foundation linux course for free

Happy Linuxing



We present to you all MegaLAN 2015.1!

From the 4th of July straight through the night to the 5th, CASSA hosts the MegaLAN, a solid weekend of gaming and socialising for all to enjoy.

10:00 AM on the 4th of July until 12:00 PM on the 5th of July

Edith Cowan University – Mount Lawley Campus Building 14 rooms 114 – 116

Entry Fees:
$10 for CASSA and ECU Student Guild members
$15 for non-members

What Will Be There?

– People to play with and against
– People to socialise with
– Tournaments with prizes
– Consoles for local multiplayer
– Card games for old fashioned analog fun
– Movies for your viewing pleasure
– A range of cheap snacks and drinks for energy

What Tournaments Will be There?

– 2 PM The Unreal Tournament BIG OL’ DEATH MATCH: first to 100 kills
– 5 PM The Project M (Smash Bros.) Tree Tourney
– 8 PM The Bishi Bashi WTF??
– 10 PM the Call of Duty Free for All – Who turn out to be our Euphoria God? –
All of these tournaments have prizes for first, second, third and last place.

What Should You Bring?

– Your lovely self
– Computer/laptop
– Monitor (NO CRTs please)
– Cables (power, USB and Ethernet)
– Powerboards (no surge protected boards)
– Headphones
– Any gaming accessories you wish to bring
– Money (for entry ticket and snacks and drinks)
– Deodorant
– Sleeping gear if desired

26 hours not enough? Join us on Friday the 3rd to help us set up and pregame!

For more details on MegaLAN 2015.1, please visit our MegaLAN page on our website: www.cassa.org.au/megalan for updates on CASSA and MegaLAN.

8/5/2015 General Meeting Minutes


These are the minutes for the 8/5/2015 general meeting. Seriously, it was such a party. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these miuntes, please click here.

Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Update the keyholder roster
  • Update the keyholder poster
  • Continue learning how to use Redmine
  • Research ways to keep guild funding separate from CASSA funds
  • Submit room bookings for MegaLAN
  • Book power
  • Make sure Greg and Ash know


Topics of Discussion:

Application for Guild grant

– It was decided that CASSA will fund the MegaLAN from its own funds, and will then be reimbursed by the Guild after the event. This way we will not have trouble keeping guild funds separate.

MegaLAN Status

– Will submit room booking form next week

– Talk to Greg to aid form submission

– need to book power

EoS Status

– EoS will be held the Tuesday after the last Friday after exams, on the 23rd of June

– Previously all surplus funds gained by the end of semester were spent nearly completely on the EoS party.

– We have decided to aim to host a cheaper EoS party to reduce the cost on CASSA’s part.

– Considering buying drinks separately, then booking separate venue

– Could book a room at ECU as a venue. Do not need license to sell as we will not sell the drinks, still need to card as it is the law.

– Could have $10 cover for the EoS

Big Day In Summary

– We had three volunteers from CASSA to help the Big Day In staff, including Ash and Evan who ran the CASSA stall.

– All volunteers found the call for volunteers through CASSA’s mass emails.

– Stall was successful, with drone, drone footage, 3Dprinter and active members.

– Several promising students attended and expressed interest in CASSA

Food Run

– Need drinks, chocolate, noodles and forks.

– Run will be completed next Tuesday.


She left me roses by the stairs.
Surprises let me know she cares.

8/5/2015 General Meeting Agenda


This is the agenda for the 8/5/2015 general meeting. You should have come, it was pretty great. If you prefer to read a PDF version of this agenda, please click here.

Topics of Discussion:

Application for Guild grant

– finalising application and handing papers to social council attendees for submission to the Guild

MegaLAN Status

EoS Status

Big Day In Summary

Food Run


Late night,
Come home,
Work sucks,
I know.

Just a reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that if they have any questions for me they can email me at president@cassa.org.au or meet me at ML 13.123 or JO 8.302 (most) Wednesdays 1-3pm and 5-8pm respectively. Sometimes I can’t make it to those places at those times so be sure to ask ahead if it is important.

I will usually respond to my emails quickly (max 2 days later). If for some reason I don’t, assume something terrible has happened and send me flowers.

24/4/2015 General Meeting Minutes

Hello again!

These are the minutes for the 24/4/2015 general meeting, taking place just after the first semester break. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these minutes, click please here.


Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Contact Karen for details on Coderdojo help request
  • Withdraw $400 with David and Mat for Greg and Office floats
  • Collaborate with Evan for Joondalup Stall form
  • Let Jackie know about game tournament for Joondalup open day
  • Send out mass email – Barbeque volunteers
  • Send mass email, for tutors and tutorials
  • Remove Mat’s Tuesday shift
  • Remove Joshua from keyholder roster
  • Emphasise keyholder vigilance in drink and food purchases
  • Withdraw $400 with Ash and Mat for Greg and Office floats
  • Paste resume tip document to website
  • Input tasks into redmine
  • Draft letter for Kmart community; student organisation status
  • Withdraw $400 with Ash and David for Greg and Office floats
  • Email Ashley guild money
  • Book MegaLANrooms for 26th-29th June
  • Book extra tables for MegaLAN
  • Book power for the MegaLAN, for the 26th-29th June
  • Collaborate with Ash for Joondalup stall form


Topics of Discussion:

Head of School meeting summary

– Quality over quantity – student feedback

– Units out of date, Andrew is on top

– report out of date units to ash, he’ll tell Andrew

– Letterhead to Kmart for cheap stuff.

– Coderdojo problem, no automatic responses from CD for applicants (outside of recruiting period), have been asked to create automatic response.

– Andrew wants projects to happen, can book rooms for them.

– Wifi issues were discussed, Andrew cannot directly help with this matter.

– Unblocking ports have been a problem. We can create a petition for this matter.


Vice Chancellor meeting summary

– Letter has been presented to the Vice Chancellor

– Meeting with HOS and Information Technology Services soon

Executive Wiki update

  • Will need to redo executive wiki, update with pieces from current members and overdue pieces from previous members
  • Log onto redmine to upload role explanations

Income flow

– Gamer jam refund has been received

– We now have two separate floats, one in the office and one with Greg

– Need PayPal reader & ECU account, so we can authenticate phone to ECU network, a form to request guest accounts is currently on the staff portal

– May convert to Pepsi or cheaper cans from Kmart

– CASSA is considering using guild capital for food runs

Joondalup relocation

– Possible new clubroom on Joondalup 18.120

– Will worry about when move is closer


Big Day In

– 3 volunteers aready, more volunteers are encouraged

-Possible tasks include microphone running for Q&A, handing out merchandise

Joondalup open day

– CASSA is running a stall, promoting the association and selling drinks

– Stall form needs to be filled in before the stall is finalised

– A laptop has been given to CASSA as a prize for a competition for first year attendees

– Project M has been suggested as the game for this tournament. This decision has not been finalised.

Mount Lawley movie night

– CSO cannot book the Games Lab for this event, waiting for Andrew.

Events MEGALAN status update

– Need to book rooms 14.114, 14.115, 14.116 (MegaLAN rooms) and 14.113 (Dance Hall)  for the 26th to 29th of June.

– MegaLAN will be held on the 27th and 28th of June.

– MegaLAN setup will occur on the 26th, and attendees are welcome to hang around

– MegaLAN rooms will be used for gaming and viewing.  Dance hall for food and rest.

– Extra tables need to be booked for the same date for use in the dance hall.

Programming projects

– Please present all project ideas to Ash.

– If project is accepted, rooms will be booked for project work. Rooms will be available in five hour blocks

– Online projects have been suggested, with meeting days instead of physically coming in to work on projects.

Possible ideas for projects include:

– Ash’s Evolution game

– layer website

Study grouping

– CASSA hosted Tutoring portal has been previously discussed, and is ideal. Production of this portal is on hold.

– A mass email will be sent out seeking out

– Like projects, rooms will be booked for certain periods for participants to meet.


– Hackerrank is a site hosting programming challenges for people to complete. Participation in Hackerrank ranks the participant against others in a rank.

– Employers are purported to look at this site.

– CASSA is promoting this site via email and the Facebook page.