CASSA 2020 AGM Results

On the 3rd of May we held our Annual General Meeting to vote in our new executive team. We are very pleased to be announcing our new executives who will be taking over at the end of the semester. We wish them success in all their future endeavors.

The new Executive Committee Team:
President – Niall Navin
Vice President – Donna Wilson-Adams
Treasurer – Grant Hunter
Secretary – Morium Momo
Social Media – Sammiollah Ranjibar
Tech Admin – Lachlan Barker
Event Coordinators – Poojan Sharma & Cherie Barringhaus
Congratulations to our new executives!


CASSA’s AGM for 2020 will take place online (due to COVID-19) in the ECS Discord voice chat at 5pm, 3rd May.

The executive positions which are open to be voted on are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Social Committee
  • Tech Admin

The agenda for the meeting will be:
1. The president’s report
2. The treasurer’s report; including a statement of accounts
3. The nomination and election of new executive committee members of the association
4. General business

If you are interested in an executive position, please send responses to the following questions:

1) Why do you want to be part of the CASSA Exec team
2) What can you bring to the table e.g Ideas.

Send your responses to: with your Full name and your student number with the subject title: CASSA Exec 2020-21 Nomination

The New Student Social 2020

Thanks to everyone who came down to CASSA’s 2020 New Student Social on the 6th March. The event was a success with a large attendance, plenty of food, drinks and fun!

Check out some of the photos below:

CASSA Social
CASSA Social
CASSA SocialCASSA Social

CASSA Helpdesk Renovation

The CASSA Helpdesk has long been known as the heart and soul of ECU Joondalup’s Building 18. A place of high intellectual conversation, where students can come to receive help or guidance, inquire about lost property, play some classic console games, or purchase the cheapest cans of soft drink on campus.


However, despite the important role the Helpdesk played and continues to play to students studying the computer or security sciences at ECU, the desk itself was incomplete. The front of the desk remained bare, with minimal decoration. As one of the first sights students would see upon visiting level 2, it held so much potential, yet part of that potential was going wasted…
Until this year.

Thanks to Matt, the CASSA President, along with the support of the executive committee, a design for the front of the desk was planned. The work began during 2019/2020 break, and finally – in the final weeks of the break, the front of the desk was given a fresh new look.

The new CASSA desk

With this renovation, the CASSA Helpdesk takes a giant leap forward in engaging students. It’s design matches the building 18 aesthetic whilst also representing our commitment to improving the on-campus experience for our students.

But this isn’t the end – the committee intends to keep developing the space, so watch out for future developments!

New Student Social 2020

Our new student social is aimed at introducing new students to CASSA and members of faculty in a relaxed environment. We will also be hosting members from industry such that students are provided with the oppurtunity of networking. Free food and drink will be available.
Register here:


Discord Update

cassaIn the past month, the CASSA Discord server has been closed down in favor of a partnership with the ECU Computing Students Discord server.

CASSA now has several channels on this Discord for use in keeping students informed with current and future events.

Click here to join the ECS Discord server.
Please note that by joining the server you agree to abide by the server rules.

Study Fridays

CASSA Study Fridays

New Student Social

Our new student social is aimed at introducing new students to CASSA and members of faculty in a relaxed environment. Free food and drink will be available. However places are limited so be sure to register your free tickets here:

Where: Building 18, Room 211
When: 4:30pm – 6:30pm, 13th of March

Learn 2 Linux Workshops

CASSA Study Fridays


ECU’s Computer and Security Student Association annual general meeting is this week and we would love for as many members as possible to join, voice their opinions and vote on the executive committee for 2018.

2PM, 8th of Feburary 2018
ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 18.211

Catering is being provided so please come, enjoy the food, hear about your club and have a say for who you want representing you.

On the agenda:
presidential report for 2017
Club elections(in order)
–Head of social
proposed events schedule discussion.
ECU Open day plans.