Extra-curricula: IT in the Pub 27/03/2009

18:00 to 20:00

IT in the PUB

Expect to see industry people as well as other students from other universities. This is an opportune chance for all students to get to know others in the same field from curtin, uwa and the industry, as well as being networking for your career. Otherwise there’s booze!

AGM Meeting

17:00 to 18:00

2009 AGM Scissa Meeting @ MTL Campus – outside 13.123. Food + Beverages provided.

First Post!

Hai! Welcome to SCISSA for those that are new this semester, and welcome to the new SCISSA website for the old.

I wanna just start off this club blog with some interesting news I got in Steam. Supposably those magicians over at Valve go through a machine turn over every 18 months which doesn’t surprise me, but what does is the systems they are transitioning from and to. I have to say christmas must be epic there :)

Our current base configuration looks about like this: We’re currently transitioning to this setup:
  • Intel CPU Cooler


Something else I picked up while visiting the teamfortress blog:

Party wrap-up

The SCISSA end of semester party was another success with many shenanigans had by all who attended! Large quanities of beer and pizza were consumed by nerds, which resulted in attempts at re-creating ‘4chan’ IRL.

Many thanks to the beatcollective for the music they generously provided, and to Phil for picking up the kegs, and to Dan for the awesome posters, and to everyone else who helped out organising the event.

Web developer/designer toys

Adobe has a couple of web dev/desing toys around that I though I might share to people who don’t know about them.

The first is a link to a slashdot article about the new beta of Alchemy which can compile C/C++ to ActionScript.

The second is a useful colour selector – http://kuler.adobe.com


SImPLE in Australian IT, stealin its front cover

Today was a great day for newly established group SECAU of Edith Cowan University as the long time running project SImPLE stole the front page of the Australian IT. Check out the story here.

A special thanks goes out to the team members and testers that have helped us develop SImPLE into what it is today.

However, SImPLE and other spin-off projects still have more development and testing left to do before our targeted release dates. If your a student who has an elective to use, may be interested in some formal recognition from the WA Computer Crime Squad, or might just would like to volenter their time to help the project suceed – email Peter Hannay at p.hannay@ecu.edu.au

On the third day, sysadmins created…


We are working to provide you with an entirely new SCiSSA. New site, new organisation, renewed relevance!

Please be patient while we roll out our new services :)

Be sure to check back often for news and updates!

New Forums

Wow! Change is everywhere!
We now have this funky new site (kthnx negz) and also SCISSA managed forums.
Head on over to the SCISSA forums now!

(On a completely unrelated note, MINCS+SCISSA LAN pics are available.)

New Website

ZOMG SCISSA has a new website! This should allow you to keep up with the latest news and events in a manner that is up to 200% more awesome. Designed and haxed by yours truly, the site is now XHTML 1.1 and CSS standards compliant. It seems to work well in Internet Explorer, but you should be usingFirefox for maximum sexification.

There’s still a some tweaking to be done in certain areas, but the site should be fully functional, apart from the online signup page, which is coming soon.

Deception; Public Lecture 1

ECU’s Professor Bill Hutchinson is doing a public lecture that exposes the way information is and can be used as a weapon via technology by governments, corporations, and terrorists.

Prof. Hutchinson will lift the lid on the contemporary abuse of information for influence instead of edification. He believes this behaviour is destroying the concept of a viable democracy by substituting perception for fact.

Venue: Lecture Theatre 3.201 ECU Mount Lawley
Date: 9th August, 2005
Time: 6pm for a 6.30pm start
Food: Hot soup provided!