18:00 to 22:30


13.228 MTL @ 6pm
No entry fee. Anyone invited. Bring moneys for pizza + drink if u want!

LINEUP – V for Vendetta, Repo!, Existenz



14:30 to 15:30
14:30 to 15:30
14:30 to 15:30
14:30 to 15:30

Wireless lab @ 2.30pm.


Towel Day 09


More info later, but be sure to bring a towel to uni on the 25th of May. DON’T PANIC!

iptables -P INPUT DROP

Cheers for everyone that appeared in one way or another yesterday during either or all of our events yesterday.

The BBQ was great and the funds will really help improve our upcoming events. Also WAHCK was great, a good turn out and hopefully people are interested in attending more and contributing. The great thing about WAHCK is its an event where your involved in the discussion rather than it being some dull lecture, but along the way you get to learn new and interesting stuff thats going on or how ethical hacking works and how its used. Also what now seems our weekly meeting/steak night was great as usual, and look forward for next week’s :D

Do not want ISP filter!

Something unrelated to SCISSA now but something we all really dislike is internet censorship. If you’re not aware about the Australian mandatory censorship click on the ‘NO CLEAN FEED’ link on the sidebar of this site, can’t miss it. Basically during the 07 federal election the ALP, much to anyone’s knowledge, backed a policy to bring in optional filtering to combat child pornography. Since 07 this policy has turned into a mandatory filter at an ISP level with an optional cleanfeed to and I quote “protect the children”.

The idea is everyone will have their internet connection filtered against their better judgement, will experience slower speeds and higher latency, and will be blocked not just from illegal content such as child pornography, but also from “unwanted” or prohibited content which is perfectly legal. For instance this obviously includes a lot of normal pornography which is easily avoidable if you understand how to use that thing called GOOGLE, but also sites like some dentist sites are already on the list for blocking. Its just outragous really when you read into it.

Q&A ABC Tonight!

Anyway, tonight for anyone that is interested there is going to be a Q&A on ABC 1 tonight (Thursday 26th of March) at 9.30pm with Senator Conroy as one of the panelists. Hopefully there will be also a live stream for us net folks that don’t understand this thing called “commercial television”. More info here if you’re interested. Lets just say though I won’t be surprised if he avoids any questions about the ISP filter with actual answers other than accusing all the critics of being pro-child pornography again.

Update: Was quite good to hear the arguments brought forward and Conroy struggling to stop the audience from laughing. Direct link to the stream can be found here



2009/05/02 13:00 to 2009/05/03 13:00

We are planning tournaments over the 24 hours with prizes including games such as Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Wii Tennis, Warcraft 3, TrackMania Nations, and Powerstone.

We are planning on doing a number of food a breakfast runs as well.

The entry is $10 for members/affiliates and $15 for non-members and encourage people to bring along your friends.

However just note there is a capacity cap of 75 people before the room gets too crowded so get there early and grab a spot. Reservation can’t be granted.

Schedule and more info coming soon!


Extra-curricula: IT in the Pub 27/03/2009

18:00 to 20:00

IT in the PUB

Expect to see industry people as well as other students from other universities. This is an opportune chance for all students to get to know others in the same field from curtin, uwa and the industry, as well as being networking for your career. Otherwise there’s booze!

AGM Meeting

17:00 to 18:00

2009 AGM Scissa Meeting @ MTL Campus – outside 13.123. Food + Beverages provided.

First Post!

Hai! Welcome to SCISSA for those that are new this semester, and welcome to the new SCISSA website for the old.

I wanna just start off this club blog with some interesting news I got in Steam. Supposably those magicians over at Valve go through a machine turn over every 18 months which doesn’t surprise me, but what does is the systems they are transitioning from and to. I have to say christmas must be epic there :)

Our current base configuration looks about like this: We’re currently transitioning to this setup:
  • Intel CPU Cooler


Something else I picked up while visiting the teamfortress blog:

Party wrap-up

The SCISSA end of semester party was another success with many shenanigans had by all who attended! Large quanities of beer and pizza were consumed by nerds, which resulted in attempts at re-creating ‘4chan’ IRL.

Many thanks to the beatcollective for the music they generously provided, and to Phil for picking up the kegs, and to Dan for the awesome posters, and to everyone else who helped out organising the event.

Web developer/designer toys

Adobe has a couple of web dev/desing toys around that I though I might share to people who don’t know about them.

The first is a link to a slashdot article about the new beta of Alchemy which can compile C/C++ to ActionScript.

The second is a useful colour selector –