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MegaLAN 2016.1 (Tickets Now Open!)

13483068_823904631077271_2120504870823964978_oCASSA presents MegaLAN 2016.1!
We’re back, baby.

Why not celebrate the end of another semester and the start of a new one with a solid weekend of gaming and socialising?
From the 23 of July to the 24th, join CASSA on JO campus for round one of 2016.

10:00 AM on the 23rd of July until 12:00 PM on the 24th of July

Edith Cowan University – Joondalup Campus
Building 9 room 207
The room on the rightmost side of building 9, beside the staff lounge and two doors down from the Tavern

—–Entry Fees:—–
$10 for online purchases
$15 for at door purchases

Ticket orders now open!

—–What Will Be There?—–
– People to play with and against
– People to socialise with
– Tournaments to compete in
– Consoles for local multiplayer
– Card games for old fashioned analog fun
– Movies for your viewing pleasure
– A range of cheap snacks and drinks for energy


We will be running three tournaments in the following games on the 23rd:

Unreal Tournament: Hectodeath, 1 PM
First to 100 kills claims title of Best at Murder for the semester. 2nd and 3rd place winners get the title: Almost the Best at Murder.

Halo: CE: My Team, My Death, 3 PM
A game of elimination. First, contestants will be split into Blue and Red teams to play Capture the Flag. The winning team will then be subject to a Slayer match where they must kill their friends for prizes.

Age of Empires: King of Kings, 5 PM
All contestants will be plunged into a game for the ages. One by one each player will be eliminated to reveal who is the Grand Regent. 2nd and 3rd will be crowned Prince/Princess and Duchess/Duke respectively. And also get prizes.

Each first place winner will be receiving a voucher for free VPN service generously given by VPNAUS.
You may as well secure your privacy on the internet for free, right?
We thank VPNAUS for their sponsorship of this semester’s MegaLAN tourneys.


—–What Can I Bring?—–
– Your lovely self
– Computer/laptop
– One monitor (NO CRTs or TV screens please)
– Cables (power, USB and Ethernet)
– Powerboards (no surge protected boards please)
– Headphones
– Any gaming accessories you wish to bring
– Money (for entry ticket and snacks and drinks)
– Deodorant
– Sleeping gear if desired

—-What about a feed?—–
Event organisers will be running a giant pizza run during the event. Talk to someone at the cashier’s desk with your order and money at any time before 7:00 PM Saturday the 23rd to have your pizza picked up for you.
CASSA is also running the usual tuck shop, with energy drinks, soft drink, water, chocolate and chips available for purchase.
If you don’t feel like doing the dew or having pizza, you’re also welcome to bring your own food and snacks.

—-Please Note—-
Due to space restrictions, CASSA can only allow one monitor per attendee.
Attendees cannot use televisions screens in the place of monitors.
Make sure your computer and games are updated.
If you are running Windows, please ensure Internet Connection Sharing is disabled as this feature interferes with the network setup.

26 hours not enough? Join us on Friday the 22nd of July to help us set up, and pregame!

For more details on MegaLAN 2016.1, visit our MegaLAN page on our website: www.cassa.org.au/megalan

For updates on CASSA and MegaLAN, please keep a close eye on our group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cassaecu/

Megalan Tickets are now avalible for purchase via PayPal.

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