We present to you all MegaLAN 2015.1!

From the 4th of July straight through the night to the 5th, CASSA hosts the MegaLAN, a solid weekend of gaming and socialising for all to enjoy.

10:00 AM on the 4th of July until 12:00 PM on the 5th of July

Edith Cowan University – Mount Lawley Campus Building 14 rooms 114 – 116

Entry Fees:
$10 for CASSA and ECU Student Guild members
$15 for non-members

What Will Be There?

– People to play with and against
– People to socialise with
– Tournaments with prizes
– Consoles for local multiplayer
– Card games for old fashioned analog fun
– Movies for your viewing pleasure
– A range of cheap snacks and drinks for energy

What Tournaments Will be There?

– 2 PM The Unreal Tournament BIG OL’ DEATH MATCH: first to 100 kills
– 5 PM The Project M (Smash Bros.) Tree Tourney
– 8 PM The Bishi Bashi WTF??
– 10 PM the Call of Duty Free for All – Who turn out to be our Euphoria God? –
All of these tournaments have prizes for first, second, third and last place.

What Should You Bring?

– Your lovely self
– Computer/laptop
– Monitor (NO CRTs please)
– Cables (power, USB and Ethernet)
– Powerboards (no surge protected boards)
– Headphones
– Any gaming accessories you wish to bring
– Money (for entry ticket and snacks and drinks)
– Deodorant
– Sleeping gear if desired

26 hours not enough? Join us on Friday the 3rd to help us set up and pregame!

For more details on MegaLAN 2015.1, please visit our MegaLAN page on our website: www.cassa.org.au/megalan for updates on CASSA and MegaLAN.

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