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ECU’s Computer and Security Student Association annual general meeting is this week and we would love for as many members as possible to join, voice their opinions and vote on the executive committee for 2018.

2PM, 8th of Feburary 2018
ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 18.211

Catering is being provided so please come, enjoy the food, hear about your club and have a say for who you want representing you.

On the agenda:
presidential report for 2017
Club elections(in order)
–Head of social
proposed events schedule discussion.
ECU Open day plans.

Annual General Meeting 2016


CASSA Will be holding its Annual General Meeting on the 25th of November 2016. The agenda for this Annual General Meating is as follows:

  1. Confirmation of minutes
  2. The President’s Report
  3. The Treasurer’s Report; including a Statement of Accounts for the preceding financial year
  4. Reports for each individual subcommittee.
  5. The election of new officers of the association.

The four officer positions up for election are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Please direct any AGM Esquires to Secretary@cassa.org.au

Start of Year Meeting Minutes 11/2/2015 – Pre-Planning 2015

Hello All,

These are the minutes for CASSA’s Start of year meeting on the 11/2/2015.

If you wish to view a PDF version of these minutes, please click here.

Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Attend ECU Induction ML, JO
  • Email HoS: set up meeting round week 3
  • Copy Karen’s posts, onto main FB page & DropBox
  • Bill SESS for Game Jam
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Attend ECU Induction, ML, JO
  • Fix PPT, new QR code for site
  • Add list of exec for 2015
  • Attend ECU Induction, ML
  • Bill SESS for Game Jam – create invoice
  • Continue work on switch from dropbox.
  • Attend ECU induction ML
  • Attend PIBT induction, 9:45 12-2-15
  • Post opportunities/traineeships to Facebook group page.
  • Check latest class end times for Mount Lawley.
  • First year units on Wednesdays JO: give Ash times
  • Award for contribution: CV certificates
  • Dig up invoice for previous Game Jam
  • Contact speakers on matters of physical and cyber security. If able, give contact details to Evan


Topics of Discussion:

Official Handover of Executive roles

– Need Alexandra H. to sign key over to Ashley at CSO
– Take Alex H. off bank, add David

Actions to be taken before semester start:

– Orientation: Need to affiliate with Guild to have subsidised table. $300 otherwise.- Facebook: Group is the active page, Greg will post opportunities/traineeships.
– Keyholders: Facebook chat, email, Redmine? To ensure schedule.
– Clubroom clean-up: Will and Evan cleaned and reorganised the room. Keyholders are to uphold this standard.
– Redmine: New organisation site. Keyholders need to sign up.
– Have a keyholder sign up day. Create a physical sign up sheet to make them accountable.

Actions to be taken during semester:

– Regular meetings: every second week. Joondalup presence: one JO GM to two ML GMs.
– Gather first year JO committee.
– Organise early HoS meeting, third week or so.
– CODER DOJO: check Andrew, subsidise WWC permits? CDJ was discussed.

- Events
– two sausage sizzles one Ml, one JO.
– Wednesdays: Ash goes to JO to meet first years.
– Linux classes at JO
– Discuss MegaLAN 2015.1 in first GM; posters, book rooms, network layout, power booking. Check date for conflicting events NOT 11th 12th  APRIL,  RFLAN. Middle of semester preferably. Tournaments; Strawpoll for interest in games.
– Console fighters are holding a LAN 29th March.
– Security based LAN: free for all. Sam need to discus in next GM. Feasibility?
– Weekly JO events, scaled down meetup events Local multiplayers. Ideally wed. B JO 19
– Invite external executives (i.e. Robotics & Programming society) to dinnerquest.

- Clubroom Maintanance
– Move stuff from office into clubroom. Keyholders upkeep clubroom maintainance. No FAL run right now.
– Clubroom Cashbox: keep under $100. Transfer from clubroom to office each night. Every 2 weeks drop
– dedicated drivers for drink runs: Brandon volunteer
– Drink delivery: get Coles/Woolies for drinks
– Snack prices rose. Less quantity for more money. Mus discuss raising snacks to 1.80 to ensure we break even.
– Website up and running. Memberships are ready. SSL cert will expired.

New ideas to be discussed:

– Tutoring portal: call to arms. Sponsor and advertise tutors.
– Asset Audit: continue audit get label maker
– Own CASSA account for network, LAN players need to log in.

- Security Involvment:
– 80c noodles sell for 1.5
– David Brooks
– Locksport competitions
– Security LANs held over midsemester
– CASSA exec could join ASIS
– Bring memebers down to first year lectures at JO to introduce themselves

- Student Guild affiliation CASSA
-‘ECU students first’, means, maybe a discount for students.
– Andrew Woodward approves of affiliation. In terms of relative priority, CDJ is 80, ECU is 100.
– Guild logo needs to be readable on promotional materials, will only really be required when guild pays for event.
– ECU guild counts guild and cassa members for grants.
– Money raised by utilising guild capital can be used for CASSA’s design
– Guild membership is default now. Need to opt out.
– New guild logo.
– Our constitution is compatible with the Guild’s.
– Guild affiliation documents signed 11-2-15 by  Ashley Woodiss-Field, David Maxwell, Mathew Aristei and Alexandra Green

General Meeting 27/2

We would like to welcome you to our first general meeting of the year!

The meeting will start Friday 27/2 at 5:30PM and is located at Edith Cowan University Mount Lawley Campus the room will be announced next week.

here’s the main agenda points for next week:
*ML meet’n’greet introduction for new members
*Final guild affiliation discussion
*Keyholder sign up (Club Room Door Code)
*Power gear purchase
*Website training
*Income evaluation
*alcohol at events
*Organise Security based meeting for workable date
*Megalan discussion (try to have dates confirmed, room booked and power booked by next meeting)
*Check if the fighter LAN corresponds with same date

We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,
William Termini