Pin-tumbler locks are the most common form of physical security that we encounter in of daily lives. Most of us lock our front doors without further thought to the security of our homes. CASSA aims to shatter the sense of safety and security that people place in their front door.

Our Lock Sport Workshops are aimed at introducing students to the concept of lockpicking and teaching students how to open common tin-tumbler locks without a valid key and without damaging the lock. Learning to open a lock without the key is sure to change your perception of home security forever.

The workshops include a brief presentation on the theory of how pin/tumbler locks work, basic vulnerabilities and how to exploit these vulnerabilities. The rest of the workshop will be practical and CASSA will loaning out their lockpick sets during these events.



Our Event Schedule for Smester 1, 2017.

8th March: Introductory Session – Pin and Tumbler Locks

15th March: Revision and Pratice

22nd March: Intermediate – Security Pins and Different Types of Locks



Contact: Events@cassa.org.au