Executive Committee 2017.1

Executive Committee Semester 1 2017:

Name Role
Gareth Clarson (Retired) President (President@cassa.org.au)
Dan Buzzard Vice President (VP@cassa.org.au)
Taylor Spinks Treasurer (Treasurer@cassa.org.au)
Elliot J Secretary (Secretary@cassa.org.au)
Damion Brown Tech Admin
Jean-luc McGrath Social Chair (Events@cassa.org.au)
David Maxwell Presidential Advisor


Please contact secretary@cassa.org.au with any enquirers.

Technical Sub-Committee Team:

Name Role
Damion Brown Tech Committee Chair
Gareth Clarson Tech Team Member
David Maxwell Tech Team Member
Taylor Spinks Tech Team Member
William Termini Tech Team Member
Dan Buzzard Tech Team Member
JamesTK UniIRC Admin
Kash Holmes Tech Support

Social Sub-Committee:

Name Role
Jean-luc McGrath Social Committee Chair
Caiden Burkett Promotions & Events
Rayhab Mokoto Promotions & Events
Marko Vasev Promotions & Events
Alex Green Promotions & Events
Andrea Zonnekus Events
Tyson Weatherley Master of Board Games