CASSA 2020 AGM Results

On the 3rd of May we held our Annual General Meeting to vote in our new executive team. We are very pleased to be announcing our new executives who will be taking over at the end of the semester. We wish them success in all their future endeavors.

The new Executive Committee Team:
President – Niall Navin
Vice President – Donna Wilson-Adams
Treasurer – Grant Hunter
Secretary – Morium Momo
Social Media – Sammiollah Ranjibar
Tech Admin – Lachlan Barker
Event Coordinators – Poojan Sharma & Cherie Barringhaus
Congratulations to our new executives!

One Comment on “CASSA 2020 AGM Results

  1. I wish the new executives all the success in the world!

    2019-2020 CASSA VP

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