Free Windows 10

Windows may not be free as in freedom but it can be free like beer, at least if you are student at Edith Cowan University. All Edith Cowan University students are eligible for a copy of Windows 10… Read More

Who is Bonzibuddy

If you are new to CASSA you might ask yourself, who is this BonziBUDDY chap they keep talking about.  Do not worry my friend we will get you up to speed.  BonziBUDDY is a discontinued personal assistant for Windows… Read More

CASSA Website VII: A retrospective

How many sites has CASSA had, well the internet archive goes back to 2005.  I do not know of any  SCISSA sites that existed before then. So for the sake of it we will start with the first from… Read More

Linux help and resources

Hey everyone Will here, Thanks to everyone who came to the Linux install party, it was great fun.  To help you on your Linux journey here are some helpful links. For any help join #linux on our IRC or slack  Ubuntu… Read More

Hotmail and issue.

For reasons beyond our control we are having difficulty sending e-mail to Hotmail and users.  Student e-mails using outlook are not affected by this issue. We are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime if you… Read More

Technical Subcommittee

Are you interested in becoming part of CASSA’s Technical Subcommittee.  Want to put your Database, Networking , Project Management and Computer Security skills to work?  Well look no further you have found the place to sign up.  Simply… Read More

Still testing

Just a warning, this site is still in testing.  If you have any issues with it please reply to this post.

Welcome to the new CASSA website!

Hope you like it