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8/5/2015 General Meeting Minutes


These are the minutes for the 8/5/2015 general meeting. Seriously, it was such a party. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these miuntes, please click here.

Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Update the keyholder roster
  • Update the keyholder poster
  • Continue learning how to use Redmine
  • Research ways to keep guild funding separate from CASSA funds
  • Submit room bookings for MegaLAN
  • Book power
  • Make sure Greg and Ash know


Topics of Discussion:

Application for Guild grant

– It was decided that CASSA will fund the MegaLAN from its own funds, and will then be reimbursed by the Guild after the event. This way we will not have trouble keeping guild funds separate.

MegaLAN Status

– Will submit room booking form next week

– Talk to Greg to aid form submission

– need to book power

EoS Status

– EoS will be held the Tuesday after the last Friday after exams, on the 23rd of June

– Previously all surplus funds gained by the end of semester were spent nearly completely on the EoS party.

– We have decided to aim to host a cheaper EoS party to reduce the cost on CASSA’s part.

– Considering buying drinks separately, then booking separate venue

– Could book a room at ECU as a venue. Do not need license to sell as we will not sell the drinks, still need to card as it is the law.

– Could have $10 cover for the EoS

Big Day In Summary

– We had three volunteers from CASSA to help the Big Day In staff, including Ash and Evan who ran the CASSA stall.

– All volunteers found the call for volunteers through CASSA’s mass emails.

– Stall was successful, with drone, drone footage, 3Dprinter and active members.

– Several promising students attended and expressed interest in CASSA

Food Run

– Need drinks, chocolate, noodles and forks.

– Run will be completed next Tuesday.


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Surprises let me know she cares.

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