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27/3/2015 General Meeting Minutes


These are the minutes for the 27/3/2015 General Meeting. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these minutes, please click here!


Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Talk to Evan, Sam and Mat about Saturday meetings
  • Email Head of School to arrange meeting
  • Email Trent guild money
  • Discuss security events with Sam at future date
  • Talk to COMSA about joint LAN
  • Keyholder chat: update on keyholder discussion points
  • Upload tasks to redmine
  • Deposit money from clubroom tin into bank account
  • Finish what needs to be done for VC
  • Talk to social council/Trent about funding
  • Send Ash COMSSA contacts
  • Create FB event
  • Ask Brandon, greg, alex Sausage sizzle
  • Book barbeque
  • Organise people
  • Create Netflix Night and Game night
  • Consolidate Redmine: CoderDojo
  • CoderDojo tasks


Topics of Discussion:

– Future general meetings may be held on Saturdays to improve attendance. These meetings may be followed up with a movie night.
– The next general meeting will be held during break week, on the weekend, the 17th of April.


Door Key Change

– Greg has been consulted, an email needs to be sent to him to allow the key change.



– Keyholder absences need to be posted in the assigned Facebook chat.
– Looking into having a page for keyholders so posts are easier to keep and read.
– For semester breaks, keyholders do not need to come in.
– Need to have door open for week 6. If possible attend. If not, use chat. No penalisation, but hope to have the door open.


Head of School Meeting

– The previous meeting dates have not been optimal for President and HoS.
– Next meeting has to be at Joondalup campus, possibly on a Wednesday.
– Ash, Will and Evan need to attend, other executive members may attend.
– Evan is attending vice chancellor meeting, contact Ash to discuss possible topics for this meeting.
– Ideal day for meeting is a Wednesday after make up week, the week after the sausage sizzle (Wednesday 22th of April.)

Discussion Points for HoS:

– New clubroom at Joondalup campus
– Letter from HoS for Kmart Community Groups
– Student Affairs
– CASSA’s plans for future operation



– The End of Semester party is to be held Tuesday before MegaLAN 2015.1

Fighter LAN

– Fighter LAN room booking is confirmed. Confusion was caused by double booking rooms.
– Promotion via Facebook
– Event is on the 19th April for one day
– David and Ash have volunteered to supervise event
– 3 trestle tables have been booked for LAN use

ML Sausage Sizzle

– May be funded by Guild capital, need to use their logo in event if this is the case.
– The sausage sizzle at ML will be held after make up week, on Wednesday the 22nd of April.
– Organise sausages and bread day before.
– David, Ash, Alex, and Mat have volunteered to do the sizzle.

Mount Lawley Events (suggestions)

– Sausage sizzle is planned for the 22nd of April.
– Events for Security and first year Joondalup students are priority, but big events (Fighter LAN and MegaLAN 2015.1) are being hosted on ML campus.
– Contact IT for credentials for Steam.
– Ocassionally host pizza socials ($5,$10,$8) on no meeting Fridays.
– Netflix nights
– Games in games lab, one specific game being played for that night.

Security Events

– Security events will be discussed in the next meeting.

Event Promotion

– Moderators of /r/perth and /r/edithcowan have approved promotion of CASSA events on their respective subreddits. We can promote them for the benefit of both CASSA and the subreddits.

– Meetup.com is a free service which promotes social events. We should utilise this service in promoting CASSA public events.

-EnjoyPerth! Hosts a calendar and lists events being held in and around Perth. There is no charge for this service, and has a large audience. We should utilise this service when promoting CASSA public events

– CASSA has a Twitter account, @CASSAecu.

– Will has access to the account through Tweetdeck (multiplatform that individuals use to send tweets on a single account.) James T has access to Tweetdeck.
– Will needs to grant access to other relevant exec to use twitter for updates and promotion


MegaLAN 2015.1

– Last year MegaLAN 2014.2 was held at the End of Semester, and was more successful than other second semester LAN (which were held during the semester.)
– Will be held in the week after the End of Semester party.
– Room booking is underway.



– Mentors have been getting their Working With Children check forms from Evan.
– CoderDojo will be discussed next meeting.



– Console purchase is not a priority.
– Spudshed has good specials for Kirks drinks, should observe specials to purchase drinks for clubroom use.

Pricelist for Kmart

– Need to get a letter with an official letterhead to prove that CASSA is a student organisation from the Head of School.

PayPal progress update

– PayPal will be discussed at the next meeting.


– Netflix use has been smooth, with no problems encountered on the ECU network.
– There is currently no need to buy a subscription for use in the clubroom.
– Willing members have been using their accounts for clubroom viewing.




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