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24/4/2015 General Meeting Minutes

Hello again!

These are the minutes for the 24/4/2015 general meeting, taking place just after the first semester break. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these minutes, click please here.


Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Contact Karen for details on Coderdojo help request
  • Withdraw $400 with David and Mat for Greg and Office floats
  • Collaborate with Evan for Joondalup Stall form
  • Let Jackie know about game tournament for Joondalup open day
  • Send out mass email – Barbeque volunteers
  • Send mass email, for tutors and tutorials
  • Remove Mat’s Tuesday shift
  • Remove Joshua from keyholder roster
  • Emphasise keyholder vigilance in drink and food purchases
  • Withdraw $400 with Ash and Mat for Greg and Office floats
  • Paste resume tip document to website
  • Input tasks into redmine
  • Draft letter for Kmart community; student organisation status
  • Withdraw $400 with Ash and David for Greg and Office floats
  • Email Ashley guild money
  • Book MegaLANrooms for 26th-29th June
  • Book extra tables for MegaLAN
  • Book power for the MegaLAN, for the 26th-29th June
  • Collaborate with Ash for Joondalup stall form


Topics of Discussion:

Head of School meeting summary

– Quality over quantity – student feedback

– Units out of date, Andrew is on top

– report out of date units to ash, he’ll tell Andrew

– Letterhead to Kmart for cheap stuff.

– Coderdojo problem, no automatic responses from CD for applicants (outside of recruiting period), have been asked to create automatic response.

– Andrew wants projects to happen, can book rooms for them.

– Wifi issues were discussed, Andrew cannot directly help with this matter.

– Unblocking ports have been a problem. We can create a petition for this matter.


Vice Chancellor meeting summary

– Letter has been presented to the Vice Chancellor

– Meeting with HOS and Information Technology Services soon

Executive Wiki update

  • Will need to redo executive wiki, update with pieces from current members and overdue pieces from previous members
  • Log onto redmine to upload role explanations

Income flow

– Gamer jam refund has been received

– We now have two separate floats, one in the office and one with Greg

– Need PayPal reader & ECU account, so we can authenticate phone to ECU network, a form to request guest accounts is currently on the staff portal

– May convert to Pepsi or cheaper cans from Kmart

– CASSA is considering using guild capital for food runs

Joondalup relocation

– Possible new clubroom on Joondalup 18.120

– Will worry about when move is closer


Big Day In

– 3 volunteers aready, more volunteers are encouraged

-Possible tasks include microphone running for Q&A, handing out merchandise

Joondalup open day

– CASSA is running a stall, promoting the association and selling drinks

– Stall form needs to be filled in before the stall is finalised

– A laptop has been given to CASSA as a prize for a competition for first year attendees

– Project M has been suggested as the game for this tournament. This decision has not been finalised.

Mount Lawley movie night

– CSO cannot book the Games Lab for this event, waiting for Andrew.

Events MEGALAN status update

– Need to book rooms 14.114, 14.115, 14.116 (MegaLAN rooms) and 14.113 (Dance Hall)  for the 26th to 29th of June.

– MegaLAN will be held on the 27th and 28th of June.

– MegaLAN setup will occur on the 26th, and attendees are welcome to hang around

– MegaLAN rooms will be used for gaming and viewing.  Dance hall for food and rest.

– Extra tables need to be booked for the same date for use in the dance hall.

Programming projects

– Please present all project ideas to Ash.

– If project is accepted, rooms will be booked for project work. Rooms will be available in five hour blocks

– Online projects have been suggested, with meeting days instead of physically coming in to work on projects.

Possible ideas for projects include:

– Ash’s Evolution game

– layer website

Study grouping

– CASSA hosted Tutoring portal has been previously discussed, and is ideal. Production of this portal is on hold.

– A mass email will be sent out seeking out

– Like projects, rooms will be booked for certain periods for participants to meet.


– Hackerrank is a site hosting programming challenges for people to complete. Participation in Hackerrank ranks the participant against others in a rank.

– Employers are purported to look at this site.

– CASSA is promoting this site via email and the Facebook page.

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