Lawnbowls Arvo

2009/05/07 18:00 to 23:00 Date/Time: 7th of May, 6pm to 11pm. Location: Mount Lawley Bowls club (next to the highschool…next to the gym…next to Mount Lawley campus) Entry: $5 for members/affiliates. This will include bowls, greens, lights, committee… Read More


Update: If you don’t have it, Left4Dead is on sale RIGHT NOW with 40% off! which makes it only $24. Click here form more details… There’s only a couple of days left before we kick of this semester’s major… Read More

Holidays over? Back to procrastinating!

Update: MiniLAN today (24th/April) will start from 5pm onwards, instead of 4.30pm. See the event post for more details Second part of semester 1 begins and SCISSA has plenty of events coming up: Meeting @ Rosemount 6pm Wednesday… Read More

OTAKU: Anime Night 30th April

2009/04/30 17:30 to 23:30 Free for affiliates = free for SCISSA members! More info here…


2009/04/17 18:00 to 22:30 MOVIE NIGHT!!! LOL WOOT MOVIEES 13.228 MTL @ 6pm No entry fee. Anyone invited. Bring moneys for pizza + drink if u want! LINEUP – V for Vendetta, Repo!, Existenz VOTE ON WHAT WE… Read More