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13/3/2015 General Meeting Minutes

Hello again!

These are the minutes for the 13/3/2015 General Meeting. If you prefer to read a PDF version of these minutes, please click here!

Action Plan:

Who Action
  • Create a budget request form
  • Update the CASSA Keyholder Roster
  • Print the Keyholder Roster to put on clubroom door
  • Put together a price list and investigate Kmart Community Groups
  • Follow up on the Fighter Lan booking
  • Look at dates for the sausage sizzle


Topics of Discussion:

Executive organisation

– Want improve executive communication internally and externally by:

– Being more active on redmine
– Check respective CASSA emails more, link it to phone

CoderDojo Stragedy

– Give a prize out for those who show up for 5 weeks straight
– Prize is undetermined
– CASSA will pay for Working with Children Permits and invoice it to SCSS


Open Day

– CASSA has been offered to host SCSS computer comp W/ prize
– Smash Brothers tournament suggested for competition
– More preparations to be done later

MegaLAN 2015.1 Preperation

– Possible date for LAN: 26th – 28th of June, a week after semester
– Give ~5 people half price entry in exchange for half price entry

Fighter LAN Progress

– CSO has not responded in 3 days, will wait for their correspondence

Sausage Sizzle Preparation

– On a Wednesday 10:00 – 14:00
- Do not overlap with the Bluecats presentation on Wednesday the 25th


– No updates about PayPal
– David Maxwell has been added to signatory list for the CASSA bank account
– Alexandra Helens has been taken off the list for the CASSA bank account
– Ash will create a budget request form on a Wednesday
– Food run to happen sometime in the next week
– Need to set a redmine task for office audit
– Continue research magazine subscriptions

Cheap Snacks

– Get supplied cheap drinks and snacks from Kmart as a community group
– May need to put kmart logo in clubroom
– Perhaps pay $1 for cheaper brands and13 $1.50 for premium brands (coke)


Key holders

–  Change the door code
– Two new people have been registered as keyholders. Please see the CASSA keyholder roster for further details.


(Did you ever notice that Kellam, the “invisible” character in Fire Emblem: Awakening, is hidden behind Chrom’s leg on the cover? Now you do.)

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